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Increase your visibility dramatically by mounting DRL on your motorcycle

Mount DRL to increase visibility and safety on motorcycle

Increased visibility means increased security. One of the most effective ways to increase the visibility of your motorcycle is to mount DRLs on it. DRL is an acronym for Daytime Running Lights and can be used together with low beam in daylight throughout the European Union.

Many motorists do not see you or misjudge your speed

About half of all motorcyclists that perish or get severely injured in traffic, does so in in situations where other vehicles are involved. At nine out of ten of these accidents, the car is the faulty part, not the motorcyclist.

The cause of these accidents were usually that the car driver did not see the motorcycle, or that he/she misjudged the distance to and the speed of the motorcycle.

What you can do to increase the visibility of your motorcycle

One of the most effective measures you can take to increase the visibility of your motorcycle, is to mount DRLs on it.

DRL, or Daytime Running Lights, is not for you to see better. They are for you to be seen in traffic.

But DRLs do not only increase visibility. Research has shown that distance and speed is much more easily detected with three bright spots than with one. Especially if the three bright spots forms a triangle.

To be used together with low beam in daylight

Obviously, motorcyclists that want to drive safely, uses the headlight even in daytime. Since 2008 it is legal to also use DRL together with low-beam headlight throughout the European Union.

A report made by the European Commission states:

The use of DRL on motorcycles reduces the number of multi-party daytime
accidents by about 32%.

Try to form a triangel

DRL mounted in the form of a triangle on a motorcycleWhen you mount your DRLs on your motorcycle, try to form a triangle, with the headlight as the top corner. If you have a crash bar, mount the DRLs on it, and put them as far out as possible, and not too far down.

Here you can find compact and sturdy DRL lamps and mounting accessories:

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