About Transalp LED

We are simply Transalp lovers that want to ride safer on the roads. Therefore, we upgrade the classic Honda Transalp XL600V Mk1 with safer and much cooler looking LED-lights.

With LED lighting on your motorcycle, you increase the visibility dramatically, since the white-blue light si more visible for the human eye in all weather conditions.

LED lamps also give you much better economy, since they have much longer lifetime and consumes less power. You can connect many LED-lamps on your motorbike or ATV without draining your battery.

Also, headlights with LED-lamps is much more durable and resistant to vibrations and thumps – perfect if you like offroad driving.

Our products

Our headlights fits immidiately onto your Transalp Mk1 (year 1987 to 1993 before facelift).

Our DRL and auxiliary lights fits all motorcycles, and can be easily mounted with a clamp unto the roll bar or handle bar.

Transalp LED
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